SalesforceDX Setup – Part I

Salesforce Developer Experience (DX) is a new way to manage and develop apps throughout the app life-cycle. It is a source driven development model. Instead of maintaining various environments to get the latest version of code or metadata, a single centralized source control system (e.g. Git) is maintained.

In addition to supporting source driven development, Salesforce DX also provides a feature known as Unlocked packages.  Unlocked packages help you add, edit, and remove metadata in your org in a traceable way. You can apply your source and metadata to multiple orgs, and upgrade your Salesforce apps easier and faster after each release.s

Setup SalesforceDX with Visual Studio

  1. Download and install Salesforce CLI in your system
    • run sfdx version in cmd to verify Salesforce CLI version
    • run sfdx plugins –core in cmd to verify the Salesforce CLI plug-in version. To work with Lightning web components, you need Salesforce CLI version 45 or above.
sfdx version
sfdx plugin
  1. Download and install Visual Studio Code (VS)
    • Navigate to Extensions in left side panel or click Ctrl+Shift+X and install following extensions in VS Code editor.
      • Salesforce Extension Pack : This extension pack contains necessary tools to develop Salesforce code in VS editor
      • Salesforce CLI Integration : This extension enables Visual Studio Code to use Salesforce CLI to interact with your orgs
      • Lightning Web Components : This extension provides you code editor for lightning web components.
  1. Salesforce Org Setup
    • Login to your Salesforce org and enable My Domain Navigate to Setup🡪Home🡪Company Settings🡪My Domain or in Setup🡪 Home🡪Quick find box look for My Domain.
    • Enable Dev Hub for your Salesforce org . Navigate to Setup🡪Home🡪Development 🡪Dev Hub or in Setup🡪 Home🡪Quick find box look for Dev.
Dev Hub From SFDC

Note- Dev Hub can’t be disabled once it is enabled.

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